Friday, November 4, 2016

Where's my life....

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post.....and I honesty can't think of anything I have done that is worth blogging about!!  Washing, some housework and a little gardening, not really blog worthy...

Other than finally getting some scrapping done!

Mystical Scrapbooks November challenge :)  I had fun with texture page and blowing on paint drops!  I came across an story on Facebook about an artist that used little water colour paint drops on her work,  them blows in it to make this amazing images.  While mine wasn't meant to turn out the same, I had fun with the technique.

I've used the very cool Life in Colour from Simple Stories

After posting this I realize that this page also meets the criteria for Archi-scraps November challenge!

Cheers till next time...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bit of scrapping and a walk...

Finally got all my ducks lined up,  and I got to visit Lesmurdie Falls for the first time today!   This is literally 10 mins down the road and I've never been there!

So I kicked the boy off the Xbox, grabbed the dog, and a couple of bottles of water and off we went.

I couldn't get right to the bottom of the water fall, so next time I will leave the dog at home and take a back-pack for my camera and where more suitable clothes!

Ethan and I walked along the bottom trail before heading up to the look out ......what we didn't know was there is a nice path with nice safe steps leading up to the lookout.

The track we took, you needed to be part billy goat!!

Our little city!

The nice safe path and steps on the way back...
 Ethan found a rock that made a perfect seat while he waited for me to catch up...sadly it's a bit blurry as I took the photo quickly ..

And before we when for our walk I finished off a scrap page for Mystical Scrapbooks 2nd Oct challenge.  I had fun with water colours again, and again got up use up bits of left over pieces from Fancy Pants Happy Place  range ....which I just love!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mystical Scrapbooks October Challenge

Mystical Scrapbooks have a Tic-Tac-Toe challenge this month, and I had so much fun with water colours on this page!

I got to use up some left over bits from one of my favourite ranges,  Fancy Pants - Happy Place, with lots of other bits from a few different ranges,,, I just went through my stash taking out all the soft blues :)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Birthday Cake!

Time flyes....catch up!

So Mum turned a big number a few weeks back....She didn't want a big fuss or party fact Mum didn't want anything special at all, so of course I talked her into have a few friends over for dinner, and I had to promise not to make a fuss or got to too much trouble.

Which I stuck too...........except when it came to a cake!!

While not technically perfect, I didn't temper the chocolate correctly for the chocolate sails, so it didn't have have that 'snap and shine' and my ganache wasn't as perfect as it could have been...but I was pretty please with how it turned out. but everyone said it tasted good so that's the main thing!

I baked a cake a day and wrapped it well then froze them, so that on the day I only have to decorate.....this still took me most of the day!!

I was in two minds as what to cover the cake in....I'm not a big fan of too much buttercream frosting, it's just too I was going with cream cheese frosting......but then at the last minute I worried about the ganache causing it to 'fall off'  not sure if it hardens like buttercream frosting does, after googling for ages and reading a million recipes I still didn't feel like I had an answer......So I'm going to have to try it myself one day and find out!

But not on Mum's cake, so buttercream frosting it was, I did however throw a little cream cheese in to just cut some of the sweetness.

Cumb coat on...

Making the sails... I found Ethan's drum sticks came in really handy to make the wave :)

And the finished Cake...

After a quick google search and I found the perfect cake topper at Lala Design in Leederville

A guest took all the decorations off the top before I could quickly snap a photo of the cut cake  (hence the mess looking top!) 

I had so much making and decorating this cake, the party was a couple of simple but tasty casseroles and potato's bakes, being winter it was yummy comfort type food.

I found a patio heater for selling for $40 on line and it was perfect, we sat outside all night in mid July!

Her gift from both all of us was a surprise weekend away, we gave her a letter with a ballet dancer as a watermark and a small Eiffle Tower as clues, told her to pack warm clothes and bring a camera. (Mum would hate this photo but I love the surprise look on her face! )

Just a few snaps from the night....

Monday, July 4, 2016

3 weeks and counting

Bring on a full blown head cold.... so over it!!

But on a better note, scrapped a page of my boy with his best female mate at Graduation last year..

I can't get enough of these colours at the moment!..Just love them!  These ones are from Fancy Pants Trendsetter range

Outside of getting and staying sick, Ive been created a little corner garden in my patio.  I found this super cute plant stand at Bunnings...on clearance!

 so I rushed back and got a second one to completely fill a big corner void ...I changed all my pots over to white ones....still have 2 more to buy, but then it will be complete. (excuse the messy kitchen window!)

We put the old lounge out in the patio when the new one arrived and come summer it will be nice out sit out there!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Scrap camp and colds...

It's winter,  so bring on the colds, flu's and asthma .... and then, time it with the only time this year I get to go on a scrap retreat weekend!

Still grateful for small mercies , I only had a case of upper respiratory infection and asthma....and I say grateful, because I didn't have a cold as well!!  If i did I would have had to stay home....
So armed with my bronchodilator, Ventolin, steroids and anitboc (just in case!) I headed off for a weekend of paper fun at Country Papercraft

This ex country girl still gets excited when I see sheep on the road!

First page I did was for Archi-scraps June challenge,  using a photo I took at camp last year :)  It is straight, however I seem to have a great deal of trouble photographing my layout's straight!

I've used Fancy Pants memories Captured range from Mystical Scrapbooks - Find Here 

Such a lot of fun painting old Thicker, and giving those Thicker shapes a new lease of life.

Back with more soon

Monday, June 6, 2016

Winter fun for the birds

I don't know where last week went....Bedroom is almost done, can't find the curtains I want,  more curtain shopping next week...

Sadly no scrapping from me this week...

The last couple of days I've been watching these 2 native honey eater birds playing on my door, they seem to be fascinated with their own refection!

Of course, they are making a mess of my door with poop!!