Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Baby...

Yesterday I brought home a new baby...

Still haven't opened it yet!...

Mystical Scrapbooks is having our Aug CC this weekend, so much fun, we're playing with shapes, my was square and rectangle. I'm more than a few day behind in my photo a day quest!

I've been taking them, but without the whole iPhone - upload straight to Fat Mum Slim's page, it takes me longer to get them downloaded, edited if needed, re-sized and then upload to here and the FB page, and I've been scrapping for Mystical Scrapbooks Cyber Crop and loading stock all week.......Not and excuse, just a reason..LOL..

Here's day 11 - Purple

 Day 10 - Rings   My fav so far.  I've placed my wedding rings on the petal of a flower :)
 Day 9 - Messy  My laundry after a few days of washing and gardening!
 Day 8 - Glasses ....Mine sitting on my craft mat.

Day 7 - 8 o'clock  I missed it both morning and evening!

Day 6 - Writting   I asked my son to write sometime for me......BTW it says hugging me!...rofl  He also asked if he could take the photo, hence the shadow :)

Ok I think I'm all caught up :)

off to scrap....

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  1. Hello, hopped over from Fat Mum Slim's FB. Enjoyed seeing your photo's.