Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 2 and Tea Cups....

First up my photo for the day... I did a bit of reading of other blog doing this challenge and it think I missed a bit of info at the start  .....  Like it's a 365 day photo challengeHysterical

Day 2 - Words
Coffee and a scrapbook mag, bit of a treat for me to actually get the time for a flick through, this is an older mag and I flagged this article to read ages ago.... Finally read it today.
Now on to tea cups,  I kinda inherited these.  Now I say kinda because, a great Aunty on my hubby side has not passed, but has had a bit of a health scare and has decided to clear out the house in Perth and sell up as they live down south and don't come up any more.

I know nothing about vintage tea cups, but have just started to appreciate them.  I would love to know how old they are, but finding the patterns online to date them as proved to be rather difficult as there are thousands of china patterns out there!

First up, this is not a vintage set, but a super cute Reto set, again I have no idea of the year of these, but I love them...

Queen Anne - (For Renee)

Royal Vale

Love this one - Queen Anne

Ok I've run out of time so will have to post the rest later on.....

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  1. I think you can do the challenge for a month or for a year. I'm only doing it for February, a bit of a committment phobia here LOL!
    I love the tea sets Hun...your husbands Aunt's mind must be at ease now that she has given her precious things to who she wanted to pass them on too.
    D xxx

  2. I love your tea cups. I have always loved those little cups. There are a few in my mom's kitchen that will be mine someday (not soon I hope).