Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge

Saw a few Facebook friends doing this so I thought I would join in too :)

Here's a link to the challenge if you want to check it out..

And here's are my catch up photo's..

Day 1 - You Don't generally like taking photos of me, but I played with the lighting and made it B&W and I suppose its not too bad...

Day 2 - Breakfast  Love my Vegemite

 Day 3 - Something you adore.  We this might seen like and odd thing to adore, but it belonged to my Nana, it came to me after she passed away, and it is still exactly as I received it.  All the drawers have her cottons, scraps of material and all the bits and bobs in it.  I think about having it restored, but then I would have to remove all her stuff from it and somehow it would make it less of a reminder of Nana and more of just an old antique sewing machine...

 Day 4 - Letterbox  Nothing fancy, just a letterbox, with a bit of paint missing from when DH backed the trailer into it...

 Day 5 - Something you Wore My current fav pair of shoes

 Day 6 - Makes you smile.   Seeing my boys (DH and son)  playing lego together....

 Tree Frog

1 comment:

  1. great photos Donna! Love that sewing cabinet - and love it even more that you have all your Nana's bits still in there!

    And LOL at your mailbox story and missing paint. I am sure we would have similar if ours was somewhere i had to reverse out of!!

    Glad you are joining in the challenge. Can't wait to see the rest of the month's shots. xx