Thursday, November 25, 2010

Never enough time...

Well I keep saying I'm going to blog regularly but I never seem to do so!

Wow I can't believe it's almost the end of November....This month has just whizzed by.

I have a few different projects on the go at the moment, one is my new little water feature garden at the end of my patio, and today I finally started planting it out.  A while ago  I found a stainless steel water fountain that was reduced to a ridiculous price, so I snapped it up......

Here's some peeks....

The base of my water fountain, now I need some nice river rocks to go around the base and kinda spill out into the garden...
black mondo grass - never had much luck with this, but I'm trying again
 Love this, common name is Flirt and has beautiful red leaf growth

 Society Garlic  and some unknown grass plants at the back.

Also have some Lillipop Pink or what I call Butterfly plant (cause the flowers look like butterflies)  Just need one or two more plants, connect up the fountain and mulch. 

Sadly out back yard is still a sand pile........
No scrapping for me this month  Crying 1 

I've kept Ethan home from school as his been complaining of a headache all morning.  He's just tired, so we're off to visit Grand dad in hospital, he's had a knee op so is feeling a bit sore and sorry.
Take care Skunk

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