Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend away with the girls..

Hello from Adelaide

Catch up time......Last weekend I had the bestest weekend with my girlfriends. For the last several year we have spent the Labor Day long weekend away, and this weekend was so relaxing.I spent a great deal of time in the pool, sleeping in and sitting around chatting and laughing. I also didn’t take any scrapping stuff with me and had a bit of a break, I’ve been struggling my mojo over the last few weeks.We wandered down to the beach each evening and watched the sun set with a glass of there anything more relaxing.
Right now I’m in Adelaide and it’s RAINING!!

Mum Ethan and I arrived Thurday, Friday we went for a nice long walk and then came home and had a nap! and we where planning on a trip into the art gallery but we decided that we were all too tired to be with a trip to the video shop I’m planning a nice curled up the lounge with my favortive sexy man............Bruce Willis!!


  1. Love the bottom photo very serene

  2. wine, beach, sunsets, and good mates. Heaven on a stick.