Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the things kid do...

Look what my boy has done! took to his hair with he's sissors, while in class of all places! Duh

You can see one side is now way shorter than the other side, lucky he has curly hair so he can get away with it a bit!
His teacher took his scissors off him for the rest of the week, now he has to go and ask for them when it's time to cut out anything!

Scrap news...

Mystical had a great CC, all the girls came up with some very interesting challenges, and the good news is that now we have all week to do them!!....Deadline is now witching hour Friday 26th! I'm really looking forward to sitting down and playing with these challenges...

I attended the Twiddleybitz trade day last week and had a great time playing with some new products, I came home and finished this layout. It's got a lot more on it and my usual LO's, but I like it, and I found this old photo of Ethan in the bottom of my photo box and it just suits the LO to a tee!

The other thing we working on is this little house. I've been wanting to do one of these since they first came out......it's not really finished, I want to put a tree next to it, just need to get a tree...Well it's almost midnight so I'm off to bed...

bye Ladybug


  1. Donna love the little house and the LO is fantastic.

  2. oh no Donna! lucky he does have curly hair and can hide it easily! i found a lock of hair on my couch yesterday, not long after miss Freya gave me back a pair of scissors she found on the couch... she honestly seemed to have no idea she did it.. when i showed her the hair, and i don't think she did it on purpose, just playing with the scissors and snip! I can't even tell where it came from.

    love that little house and a fab LO too!

  3. LOL - naughty Ethan
    so love the house Donna. xx