Thursday, February 4, 2010

How hard is it to choose a backgorund?

So what do you think of this one?...................Took me forever to pick one!.....Trying to find one that not to busy and not too plain.....I must be fussier than I thought! I'm not sure I can make a header to go with it, it's still a little to busy, but it's a start!

Just a quick post as I'm still trying to catch up with all the stuff I fell behind in while mum was in hospital....

Ethan loves being back at school..... but don't ask him cause he will tell you that he's not!
But he's been dressed are ready to got by 7am for the last 2 mornings! These photo's were taking on the 2nd day (not the first day like most mums....)

My baby is in year 1, he has home work every night and so far as been breezing through it. He as a little book to read and review a writing and reading sheet they do doing the day...

I have to show off my 2 new charms I got for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, Ethan picked the little hedgehog for me (according to Ethan I love little cute animals, and he's right Teethy ) and Gary picked the Aquarius Water Sign.....

Ok better get to work


  1. OOh I like the new look of your blog - very stylish!


  2. Great new look, love the photos of ethan on his 2nd day of school & your two new charms are fantastic too. xx

  3. Must be the season for updating blogs as I just did mine. Anyways, love what you went with!

    And Ethan is such a his curls peeking out from under the hat.