Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bit of scrapping and a walk...

Finally got all my ducks lined up,  and I got to visit Lesmurdie Falls for the first time today!   This is literally 10 mins down the road and I've never been there!

So I kicked the boy off the Xbox, grabbed the dog, and a couple of bottles of water and off we went.

I couldn't get right to the bottom of the water fall, so next time I will leave the dog at home and take a back-pack for my camera and where more suitable clothes!

Ethan and I walked along the bottom trail before heading up to the look out ......what we didn't know was there is a nice path with nice safe steps leading up to the lookout.

The track we took, you needed to be part billy goat!!

Our little city!

The nice safe path and steps on the way back...
 Ethan found a rock that made a perfect seat while he waited for me to catch up...sadly it's a bit blurry as I took the photo quickly ..

And before we when for our walk I finished off a scrap page for Mystical Scrapbooks 2nd Oct challenge.  I had fun with water colours again, and again got up use up bits of left over pieces from Fancy Pants Happy Place  range ....which I just love!!!

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