Sunday, July 24, 2016

Birthday Cake!

Time flyes....catch up!

So Mum turned a big number a few weeks back....She didn't want a big fuss or party fact Mum didn't want anything special at all, so of course I talked her into have a few friends over for dinner, and I had to promise not to make a fuss or got to too much trouble.

Which I stuck too...........except when it came to a cake!!

While not technically perfect, I didn't temper the chocolate correctly for the chocolate sails, so it didn't have have that 'snap and shine' and my ganache wasn't as perfect as it could have been...but I was pretty please with how it turned out. but everyone said it tasted good so that's the main thing!

I baked a cake a day and wrapped it well then froze them, so that on the day I only have to decorate.....this still took me most of the day!!

I was in two minds as what to cover the cake in....I'm not a big fan of too much buttercream frosting, it's just too I was going with cream cheese frosting......but then at the last minute I worried about the ganache causing it to 'fall off'  not sure if it hardens like buttercream frosting does, after googling for ages and reading a million recipes I still didn't feel like I had an answer......So I'm going to have to try it myself one day and find out!

But not on Mum's cake, so buttercream frosting it was, I did however throw a little cream cheese in to just cut some of the sweetness.

Cumb coat on...

Making the sails... I found Ethan's drum sticks came in really handy to make the wave :)

And the finished Cake...

After a quick google search and I found the perfect cake topper at Lala Design in Leederville

A guest took all the decorations off the top before I could quickly snap a photo of the cut cake  (hence the mess looking top!) 

I had so much making and decorating this cake, the party was a couple of simple but tasty casseroles and potato's bakes, being winter it was yummy comfort type food.

I found a patio heater for selling for $40 on line and it was perfect, we sat outside all night in mid July!

Her gift from both all of us was a surprise weekend away, we gave her a letter with a ballet dancer as a watermark and a small Eiffle Tower as clues, told her to pack warm clothes and bring a camera. (Mum would hate this photo but I love the surprise look on her face! )

Just a few snaps from the night....


  1. Beautiful cake Donna, you are so talented, Happy birthday to your mum :)

  2. Cheryl Anne GrahamAugust 21, 2016 at 3:58 PM

    Thanks souch for sharing such a special event so pleased it all went so well. Your mum Jenny is such a lovely soul nice for you all to have been able to do it for her.

  3. You can make my birthday cake anytime! Looks like a wonderful party and I'm sure your Mum had fun.

    1. she did, thanks Julene :) if your ever over this side on your birthday I will happy make you a cake!!