Saturday, May 28, 2016

Little bits...

This week has been full of little bits...a little bit of unpacking ....a little bit of painting...and a little bit of scrapbooking!

So no great achievements where,  ......well achieved.

Scrap room is slowing coming together...trip to Ikea for a new chair and light crossed 2 more things off the list, I can now see enough to scrap at night!!

Finished off this page last night.  It's a challenge from Mystical May CC.  I've used Fancy Pants - Memories Captured range, you can find it here at Mystical Scrapbooks

Ethan and James where such good mates from play group up to when they started school...sadly with the boys going to different school, us mum's fell out to touch with each other.

James came for a few sleep overs and the boys always had such a great time together.

Disclaimer about Ethan shirt - his grandparents gave him this shirt and he loved it!!  I always thought it was a bit weird giving someone a shirt with their own head on it!!....haha!

Till next time....

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