Thursday, July 10, 2014


Comes with all sorts of fun things.....and some not so much fun things.......

Here's a heads up's .... get your gas heaters checked and serviced.  

Yesterday afternoon I came down extremely unwell...massive headache and vomiting.  I've been feeling a bit off the last couple of weeks, but it came and went, so I didn't really think much of it.

When hubby just happen to ring in the afternoon and I told him what I was feeling and he came back with..... Carbon monoxide poisoning!!

WTF!!  However I turn my gas heater off and opened up my office window, my office is not a closed off space, it's actually a rather large space, and I have the required vents and it's open to the rest of the house, (i.e. there is no door!)

However, after a few hours of rest away, I did start feeling much better......So I'm sitting here with no heater until I find someone to service it.

So peoples...please get your gas heaters serviced!!

And now here's the ''fun'' part of winter....BMX racing in the rain!!

Last week end our son took part in his first BMX Super Series , the day started out fine....

And then it rained.....and rained some more!  But Master E didn't once complain or say he didn't want to race.....Very proud of my boy!
 Lot's of waiting around...

On the track...

At the starting gate..

Stay safe xx

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