Thursday, July 17, 2014


Well we are in the second week of Mr E school holidays.....we haven't really done a lot, I'm just trying to spend time with him....his growing up to fast!!  We did go into town and tested the new Koko Black Chocolate lounge, and have play date with some school friends

So no scrapping for me, but I did my next favourite thing the other day, I spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking for dinner and making a birthday cake for my Mum's birthday.

Got to say.....photographing food is not easy!!

I made Chicken, leek and bacon casserole, served mashed potatoes and steamed veges.  I know it made not look that good, but it tasted delicious!

What took the most of the day was of course the cake.  I love making and decorating cakes, but I don't do it much and I don't have any of the correct fancy smanchy cake decorating tools...but I still have fun, even if my experience and my expectations are poles apart!

First up I decided to make one of those fancy ombre cakes that you see all over Pinterest, however, too much icing for me with all the layers, so I went with Strawberry jam and cream instead.

Next problem was the icing, straight butter icing was just too rich last time I made it, and Mum and Ethan can't eat too much egg, so egg-whites are out,  so I added a bit of cream and less milk and butter.

Then I couldn't find my piping bag, as I wanted to have a go at doing this....

So I ended up going with a bit of a rustic ombre look....Next problem, one cake layer didn't work so instead of 4, we had 3 layers...which meant it was't really tall enough for me to get all 3 colours on... and I sprinkled some edible cake glitter on top.....again very hard to photograph!

Finished Cake...   (if you click on the photo and enlarge it you can see some of the sparkle)

I found some wonderful candles for her cake ages ago, they burn different colours...not really showing in the photo, but one is orange, one red and the other is purple

And on the table, some roses from my garden...

For mum we gave her a decorative pillow and throw for her bed and a new Canon point and shoot update from her 4 mega pixels one!
opps I should have ironed the tablecloth!!



  1. Loved reading your blog about mums birthday and your cake making adventures. Renee xx