Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ROFL...I know Feb is a short month, but I only managed 1 post for the whole month!!
and now it's March!

Feburary was a busy month, I've seem to have taken on quite a bit with Ethan school and it's taking me time to adjust.  Not only am I the uniform shop co-ordinator, I'm now the P&C president too, plus I look after a friends child when needs be.

Add trying to spend time with my family, run Mystical, mabye do some scrapping and finding time to catch up with my friends.....

One of the ladies at school asked me if I've heard of the word NO....*giggle*

I'm sure I will get my act together and re-learn some time managerment skills soon!

I did take some time out to go on a weekend retreat with Scrap Away in WA the other weekend, and got a whole 3 and 1/2 layouts done!...woohoo go me.....of course everyone else were in double digits, but hey, I scrapped,  got to be happy with that.


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