Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Life is full on and not leaving a lot of time for scrapping lately * insert sad face here*  I've got about 3 half finished layout sitting on my desk from Mystical challenges that have long finished and what has disappointed me the most is that I dropped out of the the Top 50 competition *insert 2 sad faces here!*

Our little Bailey has completely settled in now, no more growling at us at night, but he does however have this bad habit of standing so close to up that when we take a step we stand on his paw!...which makes him yelp,  and then HE tell us off by barking at us!

I'm still trying to be the finishing touches on organising hubby's 50th birthday party....hope to finish off the invites today...

Trying to be more organised overall as I'm back to the de-clutting and spring cleaning as I go.  Trying to sell some stuff on the Facebook pages, might have to try Gum Tree too....

The boys bedroom is still not finished.....waiting on hubby to finish painting the doors..

The lounge is not finished either...and that's my fault, just haven't found the time to get back into painting the last 3 walls....

Will leave you with the one layout I have done in the last month and some photo's of Bailey with his Duck :)

My beautiful sister and Bailey

till next time....



  1. OMG how cute is Bailey :)
    Like you LO and natually Bailey is in the photo lol
    Have fun organizing hubby's birthday.

  2. I think we need an intervention at your house - a painting intervention!!!

    Bailey is the sweetest dog, even if he does have a thing for licking my legs!

    xx M

  3. He looks like a sweet dog Donna.Good luck with the renovations.

  4. Beautiful layout, such a cute puppy :)

  5. Very pretty layout! Love the bling and the gorgeous crochet flower!