Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kids furniture and painting

Another week rushes by......again, I've not kept up with Fat Mum Slim's photo a day.... or my scrapping agenda....the house work, nor the washing!

What have I done you wonder................... yep me too!

Something I know I have done is sent out lots of order this last week!  Mystical Scrapbooks has also been kept busy with a little flood of overseas orders, which is great :)

Another thing that kept me busy is looking for a bedroom suite for Ethan's new room.

Here I need some help and feedback.....PLEASE tell me I'm not alone!

Is it true, that I'm the ONLY mother that doesn't want her 8 yr old son to have dark wood bedroom furniture??

I needed a tall boy, king single bed frame and bedside table and I wanted white.....and what a drama that turned out to be!  I could have slapped one salesman for his condescending tone when he told he that, and I quote "obviously white is for girls'

White is neutral, I can add lots of bright colours to make Ethan's room a real kids room, as he gets older, a change accessories and the room can change with him.... White furniture is every where these days!

After on and off browsing throughout the week I found nothing that I really liked so Saturday I finally got in the car and spent almost 5 hours going to every furniture shop I could think of....till at last I finally found the right set!  It was of course dressed up with pink quilt cover and accessories *insert rolling eye's here* 

I rung my boys and Gary brought Ethan down to have a look....While waiting I asked the wonderful sales girl if she could change the quilt to a boys one, which she happily did, and as soon as Ethan saw it he loved it....

And I was happy too...it was on sale!!...We pick it up on Wednesday, well most of it, the tall boy will arrive in a couple of weeks.

We still haven't finshed the painting...I say we, but I've not done a single bit of painting, Gary has done it all...and it's not his fav thing to do.  Still have the inside of the wardrobe to do and the doors.  Can wait to decorate it and put the finishing touches to Ethan's new room....

Did I mention he wants everything green!

I've no scrapping to show off, but I have signed up for Scrapbooking Top 50 AMAZING RACE competition, which starts 1st Sept.  I'm really looking forward too it, hoping it will get my mojo back :)

Take care, till next time...


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  1. White is practical Donna ... you can then change the room with decor to suit. I love the green you have chosen, it's magic.

    Chin up, things will settle down. Besides some great friends will come have wine with you tonight!

    xx M