Friday, January 13, 2012

woohoo Cyber Crop time

Yesterday I sat down and created a sketch for the cyber crop over at  Mystical Scrapbook that starts tonight and I had so much fun creating!!  if I hadn't run out of time I would have made another one, it's been so long since I created anything!!

If anyone reads this and would like to join in with some scrappy sketch fun, please feel free to join us, if your not registered in the forum, just send a little email with your user name to and we will get you authorised asap   Thumbs Up   We have the best group of girls at Mystical,  we a small group so it's easy to keep up, and very friendly and welcoming.

I've got a bit behind in uploading my photos for the photo a day challenge   So here's the last 3 days....

Day 11 - Where you sleep  I seriously thought about taking a photo of my lounge for this one!  Seem as soon as I sit down there I fall  Can you guess which side is mine??

 Day 12 Close up  I was walking around trying to think of something interesting to snap for this one, I drifted down to where my boy was playing with his Thomas trains, just sitting there watching him being so engrossed in his little world of Sodor inspired me to take this shot ...

Day 13  In Your Bag Nothing very unusual here, epi-pens and cars always!

Right I'm off to do a few chores and then I'm going to scrap!!...

Have a good day    Tiger

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