Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Sundays

Day 15 Happiness  I'm not sure if this is 'cheating' or not, but I actually took this photo yesterday!  It's just such a cute photo I've decided to use it for today's photo!!
For Christmas my BIL & SIL gave up tickets to see The Wizard of Oz up at Kings Park.  To be honest I wasn't real sure if Ethan would enjoy it, I wondered if he might be a bit big now to enjoy the singing and dancing but I needn't of worried, both kids where transfixed during the whole show!  This photo of Ethan and Izzy was taken when the cast was singing and dancing through the audience... The Scarecrow stop to pinch a grape from someones picnic and the kids just loved it!

That is pure happiness on their gorgeous little faces!

Here a a few more photos... Both kids were glued to the performance, and were chuffed to be able to go up and meet the cast afterwards.

Like the title said, it's been a very lazy Sunday for us today...We have have a few dips in the pool, played a few games Chiness Checkers and watched telly ...nice day to recharged the old batteries....

Stay safe  Birdie

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  1. What a wonderful day Donna. Love Ren xx