Monday, January 30, 2012

I've not forgot my photo a day challenge, just haven't found the time or energy to come and post them!!

So I will have to play catch up...

Day 17 Water
Rain landing in the pool water

 Day 18 Something you brought
My owl teapot :)  was standing in the shop wanting to buy this because it's an owl, but I don't drink tea...... Then I remembered they make coffee bags!!!

To be real honest, I'm not sure these where the right photos for the right day, but I've been taking a photo a day so I'm going with close enough.,... LOL..

More soon  Birdie


  1. Cute teapot! I'm going to attempt to do a photo a day for February. Hopefully it is something to bet me behind the lense more often

  2. Donna that is one cute tea pot.