Monday, September 12, 2011

Love happy mail!

I'm stoked, look what arrived today!
Can you pick what they are.....besides owls...rofl...

Doctor Who Owls!!  I cam across these ages ago and pined them on Pinterest, and then went back and ordered a T-Shirt.  I got an extra large one so I can use it as PJ :)

As for my on going culling....well it's still ongoing... I got 3 shelved sorted out and chucked out a ton of scrapping mags, so at least that something I suppose...

I did loose a bit of time today, as I had to take Ethan to the Dr's just lunch time.  He fell and scrapped his knee, as all boys do, but after 3 day he kept on complaining that it still hurt, and it looked a bit swollen so off we went and yep, it's infected.  This is the second time he as had that, and I put betadine and band-aids on his scrapes....but I suppose like most boys it can't just leave it alone to get better!

Seriously tired tonight so I'm hoping of an early night.....not laying away till 2am like last night!


  1. Love your Doctor Who Owls xxx Love Ren

  2. Those Owls are way toooooo cute xxx