Thursday, May 5, 2011

ok I'm back!

Ok I'm going to try blogging again.  Like my new header?....only took me about 4 hours to do....speedy I'm NOT...rofl...Still want to add a few little touches, but need to find someone who can help me out, as my expertise has come to a end...

Lots has been happening in our little house, including me getting totally over stressed and not sleeping, which of course made everything else spiral out of control.  So over the last few weeks I've been making a serious effort of getting things back on track by;

a) making sure I'm in bed at a decent hour (oops failed that tonight!)
b) de-cluttering the house so I can keep it tidy!
c) taking some time away from the computer each week

So far I'm feeling much better, just need to get back to my walking as I'm sure I've put on ton of weight in these last few month!

Just before I sign out and climb into bed,  I'll share some photo's of my last purchase..

Royal Doulton had a massive clearance sale and I picked this up for a great price!

There are 3 patchwork owls around the cup and one little one inside the rim...It's soooo cute!



  1. very cute... and OMG are you my doppleganger??? No blogging for ages??? staying up too late??? Putting on weight and need to get off computer and back to walking???? Seriously, twins separated at birth I tell you! Actually I might just copy and paste your blog post to my blog! :) It pretty much says the same thing I was going to put ;)

  2. oh AND the de-cluttering... well the need to at least... my house is a sty... don't be surprised if you see me on a Oprah Special one day talking about my incessant hoarding of all things ephemera!!!! hahahah ;)

  3. Hey Donna LOVE your new header!! - very clever & I love the owl cup - you must have a thing for owls :)

  4. Hi Donna! Thanks for the heads up on FB that you are blogging again. Welcome back! LOVING that mug!!! I am very much following you lol