Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I had the best Weekend....

Don't you just love a good weekend!...Most weekend are filled with stuff you have to do...this weekend was filled with stuff I WANTED to do!

We had our May Cyber Crop over at Mystical this weekend, and as Gary was away fishing I emailed a few lovely people that I like spending time with, just to say that I'm home all day Saturday scrapping if anyone wanted join me or just call in for a coffee. 
Kathy arrived a little after 9am and Yvonne left a little after 11pm that night!!  With Marcia and Ash in the middle!  Ethan and Ash playing for ages in the sandpit together, Ethan is rather taken with Ash...umm nothing new there, he's always like pretty blonde girls!

It really was one of the best days I've had in ages!  didn't get any scrapping done.... rofl...

Sunday was Mothers Day, Ethan let me sleep in, not by design as such,  but he was just happy playing in his room. Why got did get up he gave me my presents, they made  a vase with pipe cleaner and feathers flowers at school and a wrote a letter.

Don't you love how he has put all the cleaning and chores first, the last line got me a bit teary..."respects me and loves me"  And from him and daddy a set of books I'm reading.

We spend the day with Mum, at one of my favorite places, the Zoo.  We also met up with Marcia and Ash for some lunch and a bit of a wander as well...
I didn't take a lot of photo's, here are a few of my favs...

Ash & Ethan

Up close with a Meerkat

Probably one of the closest shots I've very got of a giraffe
I've enhanced the colour a bit on this photo as there was a lot of reflective glare behind this cute fella!

Back with my latest obsession soon, but right now it's time for coffee!
Donna xox


  1. Lovely Donna! Ethan's letter is so adorable.
    BTW I can't believe that Ethan is still wearing Uncle Matt's t-shirt from NASA!! xxx
    Love Ren

  2. Love that vase it's so cute Donna. :)