Monday, February 7, 2011

Saved the best for last.....

The best part of our little holiday was that I got to pat a stingray!!!!!!!  so did Ethan and Gary and a bunch of others kids...

OMG it was the best thing!  I was so excited, never in my life would I have thought I would get to do this.  I have been watching them swim by for days marveling at how close they are, the water is not very deep so watching them glide by was just wonderful, but pat them so just fantastic!  The feeling was like patting wet jelly,  really soft and smooth,

I was waiting for my boys down by the water and noticed a couple of kids getting really excited about something on the fish cleaning jetty, so I wandered over for a look.  As I came up the kids told me they were feeding "Barbara" so I watched and was astounded to see her come up and out of the water!

The boys arrived back from their walk I asked Gary if we could give them the fish that we had left uncooked up in the cabin, Gary went and got it so we could feed them too....
Holding the fish for Barbara
Getting a suprise with she came up out of the water!
Finally getting comfortable enough pat her!!

Love this shot of all the kids (and some big kids) waiting for them to come back :)

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