Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family holidays....

Hello from Walpole....

Well as I'm away, I have some time to blog so I thought I would share some holiday snaps....

We're on a short get away with the rest of the family...Nana, Grandad and Auntie Marg and her grown kids and their families, we're only staying for 5 days while the rest stay for a few days longer.

I love going down south,  the beautiful forrest, lovely little beaches, and the peace and quite, plus all the gourmet goodies around to try out....but I have found out that little boys and rain don't really go that well together when your away from home...and today it rained all day!

This jetty is apart of the view from our window...well almost from our front window...haha...

The day we arrived Mum and I took a walk to Sandy Beach, via a little bush track....I didn't actually realize how far away it was, took about an hour.  Came across this tree right in the middle of the path and thought it looked gorgeous!

Part of the track, leading to Sandy Beach, When I got there we came across a team of guys from Germany pulling down a small windmill, that runs their wind powered car.  They plan on driving across the nullarbor and arriving if front of the Sydney Opera House in about 12-13 days

This is not a good photo of Mum...she asked the guy to come and stand next to her at the same time I clicked!

Well thats it for now...and it's raining again

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  1. Looks like a lovely place to be Donna - enjoy :)