Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday mornings....

I just love them.....get to hang around in my PJ all morning, watch cartoons with Ethan and just be lazy.....
DH got a stand-by from work (day off) so he's taking the little man fishing this morning, and I'm planing on scrapping and getting ready for Mystical CC next Friday,  and this evening we have free tickets to John Farnham show at Kings Park!

Now to my new shoes!...I mentioned at Mystical that I was going to blog about my new shoes, finally getting around to it!

Long story short - Needed new shoes, kinda accidentally got talking to a sales girl at Athlete foot, and she was telling me all abouts these new True Balance shoes, that uses hidden balance board technology that encourages muscle activation in the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves, which in turn burns calories.

Now I got to be honest and say that, as she was telling me this I'm thinking to myself  "yeah,  sure it does!" but I tried them on and they were,  very, VERY comfortable, so I brought them for that reason only, as I really didn't believe the sales hype.

I wore then the next day, still very comfortable.  When to bed that night, slept well, woke the next morning and......OMG I couldn't move with out pain!! Laughing 2

The backs of my legs, butt and back muscles were soooooo stiff,  the bloody things do make you use extra muscles!!  I didn't do extra walking that day, I just had a day at home.

I must of had these for about 2 weeks now, and I still can't wear them everyday my legs and back just get to tired and sore still, but I wear them about every second day or soon as I can, I want to get back into my walking each morning, just have to wait till my poor old soft muscles are a bit more use to the work out they get from these shoes first!

So there you go....I TOTALLY recommend these shoes if you want help in toning up!

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