Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No I didnt' fall off the planet!

Just haven't found the time to blog! Life is so busy, when I do find (or make) a bit of me time, all I want to do is nap...or zone out in front of the telly. I borrowed the series True Blood from the lovey Chris WOOHOO, boy did that kept me in front of the telly for a while, now I need to watch the 2 series!!

Life with a 6 year old is no stop, and Gary is working a lot of overtime at the moment, so he's not been around much at all, and when he is the poor fella is exhausted.

Some highlights from the last couple of weeks.......

My boy is finally riding with out his training wheels!....The training wheel should of came off ages ago, daddy only just got around to it! Took Ethan about 3 seconds to get his confidence..

We had a great Easter, nice and quite. We didn't go away, had the usual Easter Sunday morning tea of toasted hot cross buns with my family, followed by a very quick egg hunt, Ethan was so fast at collecting them I actually took some off him, re hid them so I could try and get a photo! Ethan school had an Easter Hat Parade, my boy is second from the left, the one that is turned around talking instead of listening to the class singing. We had such fun making his hat, and I thought we did a fairly good job, until I got there and saw how detailed and fabulous some of the other hat were..Sadly I didn't get many good photo from the day, as the under cover area is quite dark so most photo are dark and grainy.

Mystical is having our April CC this weekend, and I'm looking forward to getting some time to scrap......

I have found a bit of time to scrap, CJ and photo swaps from Mystical which I can't show, but I also did this page for one of our monthly challenges, which are now been posted weekly, so I guess it a weekly challenge!
Till next time..... Polar Bear

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  1. What a photo his eyes have grown as big as the Easter Egg he is about to eat lol