Sunday, March 21, 2010


opps were did last week go!!

For those following, you will know that our main reason for going to Adelaide this time was to see the Pandas. OMG I just loved them, we did have a bit of a hassle getting the tickets. You need to book your time slot to see them online and then print out your tickets, after a bit of a hiccup and then a quick trip to Office Works to buy a printer, we had our tickets.

You don't have to pay any extra to see the pandas, but you only get 1 hour, no going back for a second look, 1 hour is all you get, and boy does it go by quick!!

There names are Wang Wang, the boy and Funi the girl, are younger than I thought they would be, Wang Wang is 5 and Funi 4, if I remember correctly, both are sooooo adorable

Here are a few of my favourite shots.....

I'm full of a cold at the I'm going back to bed.
Will post some more photos hopefully tomorrow


  1. Thanks for sharing I love pandas

  2. These pandas are soooo cute.Your photos are pretty amazing and will make great layouts too.