Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello, we have been home now 4 days and I’m just about caught up with things..... just about caught up with the washing, just about caught up scrapping commitments, (have 2 CJ to post tomorrow).....the garden is just about green again, hubby said he watered but my roses and apple trees were terribly droopy and most of the grass was brown again....and the poor bunny has a clean hutch again.

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m not inclined to do very much so I thought I would start posting some photos of our visit to SA....

Friday we went to the Haigh's chocolate factory, took their little tour, something I learnt was that Mr Haigh didn't start out making chocolate, the son did when he took over and learnt how to make chocolate by wonder they have such yummy chocolate!!

I LOVE their coffee liqueur chocolate, sadly they don't have any outlets in Perth I might have to get Ren to send some over to me now and then.....

Ethan talked mum into buying him this little bear that had a bag of chocolate hearts in a bag tired around his neck...He named him Harry
By pure luck the ABC Gardening Australia garden show was on that weekend, mum is a great gardener and never misses their show. I found 2 plants there that I have not seen before and should grown fine over here, one is a reb/black eucalyptus called Vintage Red and the other is another native that has little yellow balls as flowers, after some google research i've found them to be commonly know as Billy Buttons, so now I just need the time to hunt them up......and then some more time to garden, I must say that since getting Mystical my garden has been very neglected, the front one especially, now it's just full of that horrible Kikuyu grass that I hate...

While there i came across this little fella...he was apart of a flora compitition, so of course i voted for him.and Ethan found some water to play in,,,

More later....I need a coffee and this laptop is getting so hot it's burning my legs!!..hehe

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