Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not much to say...

about anything really!

Life has been busy, but with very mundane things. Ethan has settled into school well, but I think one of his teachers thinks he can be a bit silly sometimes Question Mark
umm I should think that most 6 yr old boys have that problem at one stage or another...

Yesterday I actually took the day off, did some shopping had a coffee and just relaxed at bit. I'm going though a not sleeping well stage again and have been feeling a bit worn out....

I'm half way though 3 layouts at the moment, so nothing to show yet.....but I thought I would show you all a photo of my new rose.
I have 2 of them in my back garden. I thinks it's a fairly new variety called Spice Coffee, it has the most usually colour, brown/pink (looks more brownish in real life).

We have a panets night at Ethan school tonight, and E's teacher as asked me to go a bit earlier and talk to them about his eppi-pens. For some reason I feel really nervous!....

Till next time.... Birdie


  1. Hi Donna!!! thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet words in facebook. i really appreciate it. regarding ethan... how was the meeting? you know, i think ia also have the same problem with harvey. they think that harvey is over reactiong to all sorts of things in the classroom. I wish he can adjust soon... so as ethan. so hard having these mixed feeling about them when they are in school.. hope the teachers will have a little more understanding that they are still kids and adjusting to the new environment. neways, im just praying hard that harvey can overcome these... wishing you well too!!! keep me posted!!! it felt so good knowing Im not the only one with this kind of worries.
    Hugs!! and Miss yah!