Sunday, August 23, 2009

My little Doctor

E's school had a dress up day on Friday, and the idea was to dress up as a character from a book. He was going to go as Pooh Bear, so we headed off to the shop to pick up a few thing to make some little bear ears and a hunny pot, when he spotted this dress up outfit...soon as he saw it he shouted out "Doctor Dean - Deep sea Doctor, it's one of his current favoriote books so of course had to have it.....

Too cute hey!

and I was happy too as it was on sale!

Right I've better get off this butt of mine, going out to lunch with some friends today..

Take care


  1. I wondered what happened to it - yesterday I was doing my blogging and yours had disappeared. though I like the look of your new blog.
    Ethan looks so good dressed up - have fun scrapping them. xx

  2. Found you. Thanks for letting me know your new ones addy.

    double shit on losing your first one. I WOULD be EXTREMELY upset if I lost mine. And coffee just wouldn't cut it I'm afraid.

    stay well.

  3. Hi Donna, I'm here, will be back to visit often, Tiff xx.

  4. How cute Donna. Oops about the blog.

  5. Hi Donna!!! wow he is such a cutie!!! oh no about the blog. i will not know what to do if that happened to me waaah!
    love the new look of the blog!!! will be visiting more often!!!